University of Toronto

University of Toronto (UofT), like many others, takes its application through OUAC.

At UofT, students can apply up to three faculties/divisions, where the St.George Campus is home to five faculties whereas Mississauga and Scarborough are home to one faculty each.


St George is home to five faculties (undergrad) being:

Applied Science and Engineering


Arts and Science

The Arts and Science Faculty has 6 categories, and students are allowed to choose one, with Rotman Commerce and Computer Science as exceptions. These categories are:
>Mathematical & Physical Sciences
>Life Sciences
>Social Sciences
>Rotman Commerce

Rotman Commerce

info here

>Computer Science
Rotman Commerce and Computer Science applicants are eligible to something called alternate offers. In brief, these applicants have the option to pick an alternate category in the Arts and Science category (not including CS or Rotman), which will be considered if the applicant does not meet the admission requirements for the first choice.


Landscape and Design

Kinesiology and Physical Education

… and music