UCAS Application Process

For those who want to pursue higher education in the UK, UCAS is the platform for you to select your preferred universities. Something to keep in mind: You can only apply for a maximum of five universities through UCAS, so make sure you choose your schools wisely. You should at least have one or two safe schools that you are confident you will be accepted. In addition, you will also be required to submit your personal statement through UCAS with specific requirements. Your personal statement should not exceed the maximum character limit of 4,000, roughly two pages, double spaced. 


First, you must register an account for UCAS, if you haven’t already.  You would then receive a verification code from UCAS to the email you provided in this page to activate your account.

After you created your account, you will be sent to this page. This is your hub, where you start your application process. Click the pink “Start application” button to get started. 

On this page, you will select your enrollment year and what you will be studying in university. This guide only focus on the undergraduate route.  


You’ll then be sent to this page, where it asks you whether you’re applying from a school, college or a centre. For students that are applying with the aid of your university counselors, click “No” since you are applying as an individual; the school is only providing you assistance in the application process, they are not applying for you.

You’re almost ready to select your schools! In this page, scroll down to find your profile pages. You will see a number of boxes where it requires you to fill in your personal information. Complete those and you’re ready to apply for your universities.