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Application Process

October 1st to November 20th: Students must apply to Queens university through Ontario University Application Centre between this time period.

November 1st: Students may now access their supplementary essay.

December 8th: This is the deadline to submit the Major Admission Award application. Note that MAA is not mandatory and is only for those who cannot fully fund their university studies.

February 15th: Deadline for submitting supplementary information.

April 30th: Applicants identifying as an indigenous person, a member of racialized minority groups, a person with disability, and/or a person who identifies as LGBTQ2S+ may submit their Equity Admission Self Identification Form.

May 20th: All admission decisions are completed by Queens and posted on SOLUS.

June 1st: Deadline for response to offers of admission for students attending an Ontario high school. This is also the deadline for all students receiving an offer after May 1.

July 15th: Final transcripts are due to Queen’s by August 1.

After applying for Queens, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Activate your NET ID via the student ID number that was emailed to you. The NET ID is used to access SOLUS which contains important information regarding applications, including the To-Do-List.
  2. Add queensu to your safe senders list to ensure you will receive all emails from queens.
  3. Work on supplementary essay. Details regarding the supplementary essay are posted on your To-Do-List.
  4. Check your To-Do-List on SOLUS.

Some of Queens’ programs require supplemental applications, these are:

Queens Commerce ( Smith Business School )

The commerce branch of Queen’s university is called the Smith school of business, in recognition of Stephen J.R Smith’s $50 million donation to Queens.

There are 5 mandatory requirements when applying for the commerce program in Queens. (does not mean you will get in)

  • ENG4U with a minimum mark of 80%
  • MCV4U with a minimum mark of 80%
  • 1 other 4U course in mathematics with a minimum mark of 80%
  • 3 additional 4U/M courses (No more than two 4M courses from the same discipline)
  • An overall, minimum average grade of 87%.

After applying for queens university, applicants will write a supplementary essay based on a set of essay questions provided by Queens. More information on Queen’s page here.

To access your supplementary essay:

  1. Go to (https://my.queensu.ca./). This is the site for Solus Student Centre.
  2. Log into your Student Centre using your NetID and password.
  3. Click on SOLUS (red tab on the top-right corner of the MyQueen’sU dashboard).
  4. Click the Admissions tile and select your application
  5. Click on “Personal Stmt & Suppl Essay” on the left-hand side


Health Sciences

Queens has its information on health science’s supplemental here.



AST Nursing