Card Games

Card Games!


The objective is to get rid of all your cards, with a variation to get rid of all your cards with 0 cards in the pile.

Each player starts with 5 cards

Winner from last round starts with 6.

Winner starts dealing counter clockwise.

Cards go from 3 to ace, with 2 as an exception( will explain later ).

Players can deal with one, two, three or four cards, such as 5, 55, 555, 5555.

Players can deal with consecutive cards, such as 4,5,6… starting at 3 cards

Next player must deal with cards one higher with each card placed.

555 has to be dealt with 666. 345 has to be dealt with 456.

2 is higher than any card, ending the turn immediately. 456 can be dealt with a 222. Joker cannot be individually dealt, but can be used as any card, such as 45J78J10

When nobody can deal a card, everyone grabs a card from the deck, and the player that placed the last card starts.


The deck gets split evenly between players, and winner starts.
Winner plays any card they desire, face down, any number.

The person next has to place the same number, face down. This can be a lie, and any amount. Such as two 5s.
If anyone at the table believes they are bluffing, they can call “cheat”, and the card(s) gets revealed.
If it turns out the dealer was bluffing, the dealer has to take all of the cards in the pile. If they were telling the truth, the caller has to take all of the cards. The person that was truthful starts.

Note: Joker can be any card.
Extra Rules:
If you called “cheat”, and received a certain card, you cannot place that card immediately.
If you called “cheat”, you cannot call “cheat” again until someone else does.
You can pass, but passers do not have the privilege to call “cheat”